Teaching Collaboration through Maker-Centered Learning & Digital Interactives
Context partnering with the Assemble Makerspace in Pittsburgh
Timeline 4 months (February - May 2020)
Teammates Yifan Deng, Marissa Doerger, Mong-Yah (Max) Hsieh, Mimi Wang, Mia Zhang
Role Producer, UX Researcher
Learning through making is more accessible because it appeals to audiences with different interests, and gives agency to students. As a team, we hope to create an activity that integrates technology into the design process while still supporting diverse outcomes.
To achieve this goal, we are partnering with the Assemble Makerspace in the Garfield Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We will be conducting regular playtesting during their Assemble Afterschool Program for Grades 3-5. Our final deliverables include a Written Camp Curriculum for the Assemble Video Game Camp with additional digital and electronic elements for the curriculum.
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